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Installing the examples

You can install the code for the examples used in this guide, which would allow you to run those examples.

This however is not a requirement and we suggest you first just read through the guide. You can always install the examples later if you want to work with them.

Install Node

Node is a server platform which runs JavaScript. It's lightweight and efficient. It has the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.

Install git

git is the version control system most frequently used in open source. There are many resources available for installing it.

Install the examples

From your terminal:

cd the/folder/above/which/you/want/the/guide/to/reside
git clone

Alternative install. If you don't already have git installed on your machine, you may prefer to download the repository as a zip file. Point your browser at to start the download.

Install dependencies used by the examples

cd path/to/feathers-docs/examples/step/01
npm install

This will install the dependencies needed by the Basics examples into /examples/step/01/node_modules.

Recreating the examples used in the guides

Each guide is divided into sections, each section backed by working examples in examples/. The code samples in the guides are extracts from those examples. Code snippets may be ambiguous, misleading, or confusing. Working examples reduce these problems, as well as let you learn more by modifying them yourself.

One example may continue with changes from a previous example. In such cases, a recap of the differences between the two examples may be shown to help in understanding the changes.

The guides go into details about how each example was created. You can recreate the process yourself if that helps your learning process. Create a folder called, say, copy-an-introduction with a subfolder examples/. You can run the same commands as mentioned in the guide and (hopefully!) get the same results.

Is anything wrong, unclear, missing?

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