Important: This is the documentation for a previous version of Feathers.
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The Feathers "a-ha!" moment

Feathers is transport agnostic

A Feathers server automatically handles requests from

  • HTTP REST clients,
  • Feathers REST clients, or
  • Feathers WebSocket clients.

Feathers resource management is platform agnostic

Identical database calls may be made on the server and on the frontend without you needing to do anything.

  • This makes frontend development significantly easier.
  • It allows you to share code between the server and the frontend.

The "a-ha!" moment

The "a-ha!" moment comes when you start to realize the significance of these features. Enormous amounts of boilerplate simply disappear.

You might now start to appreciate why people are enthusiastic about Feathers.

Is anything wrong, unclear, missing?

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