Important: This is the documentation for a previous version of Feathers.
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Official guides

About Feathers

Learn about Feathers features, philosophy and how it compares with some other frameworks.

The Basics - A Step-by-Step Intro to Feathers

The goal of this guide is to get you to the "A-ha!" moment as efficiently as possible. You will learn how the primary parts of the core work together. You'll also learn how to start new applications with the generator.

The Generator (CLI)

An overview of the feathers-cli and the application it generates.

A Chat Application

Learn how to create a chat REST and real-time API complete with authentication and data processing and how to use Feathers on the client in a simple browser app.


Learn how to add local (username & password), OAuth1, and OAuth2 authentication to your Feathers Applications.

Advanced topics

Guides for more advanced Feathers topics like debugging, configuration, file uploads and more.

Video tutorials

The FeathersJS Youtube playlist


A growing collection of Feathers related talks, tutorials and discussions.

FeathersJS Real-Time Chat App - Tutorial

Intro to FeathersJS

Mad ♥️ to Chris Pena for putting together the video.

Fullstack Feathersjs and React Web App

Comprehensive Guide to FeathersJS with React

Mad ♥️ to Ben Awad for putting together an entire video series.

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