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Comparison of Strategies

Feathers offline-first provides several increasingly sophisticated strategies. It's generally straightforward to change your application to use a more sophisticated one (except for snapshot).

ProTip: The snapshot and realtime (with optimistic mutation while connected) strategies are available at this time.

The features for each strategy are shown below.

Feature................... snap shot real time optimistic mutation own-data own-net sync-data sync-net time-travel
Replicate partial table
- using query syntax Y Y Y Y Y
- using JS functions - Y Y Y Y
Snapshot data on connect Y Y Y Y Y
Is a uuid(1) field required? - - Y Y Y
Remote changes mutate client - Y Y Y Y
- minimal service events - Y Y Y Y
Client can mutate remote data
- with remote service calls - Y Y Y Y
- optimistic client mutation - Y Y Y
Keep queue while disconnected
- Keep every call - - - own-data sync-data
- Only record net change - - - own-net sync-net
Process queue on reconnection - - - Y Y
- Conflict resolution handling - - - - Y
Snapshot data on reconnect - Y Y Y Y
Repository (2) (3) (4) tba tba tba tba

ProTip: Note that the realtime strategy supports optimistic mutation only while connected.

ProTip: It is also your responsibility to inform the replicator when a connection is (re)established or lost using replicator.connect() and replicator.disconnect(). A repo handling this for both browser and react native is planned but not yet avalilable.

  • (1) Universally unique identifier (uuid)
  • (2) feathers-offline-snapshot
  • (3) feathers-offline-realtime
  • (4) feathers-offline-realtime with /optimistic-mutator

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