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Creating a Chat Application

Well alright! Let's build our first Feathers app! We're going to build a real-time chat app with NeDB as the database. It's a great way to cover all the things that you'd need to do in a real world application and how Feathers can help. It also makes a lot more sense to have a real-time component than a Todo list. :wink:

Chat app screenshot

In this tutorial you go from nothing to a real-time chat app complete with signup, login, token based authentication and authorization all with a RESTful and real-time API.

You can find a complete working example here.

Creating the application

Create a new application using the generator.

Generating a service

Add an API endpoint to store messages.

Building a frontend

Learn how to use Feathers in the browser by creating a small real-time chat frontend.

Adding Authentication

Add user registration and login.

Processing data

Add and sanitize data.

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